Dying Woman Has A Final Wish For Her 3 Dogs To Be Adopted Together


Cancer is a terrible disease and it does not discriminate, striking people who are young and in the prime of their lives. Being diagnosed with a terminal disease that has no known cure is a very sad occasion, one that causes a person to stop and take stock of their life. One cannot blame a person for being selfish at at time like this, but the woman you are about to meet has one simple request before she dies, an incredibly selfless one at that.

Kathleen Zuidema resides in Washington, in the town of Friday Harbor. Before she succumbs to her terminal cancer diagnosis, all she wants is to make sure that her posse of pets is able to remain together. While most people would be worried about crossing off all the items on their bucket list before passing on to a better place, her needs have already been met.
She calls her three dogs “The Aussie Posse” and they have lived with her for as long as anyone can remember. In her eyes, the idea of them having to separate in the aftermath of her death is almost too much to bear. We could all stand to learn a lesson from Kathleen, as she is putting the needs of her pets first, at a time when it would be very easy to simply give up and let the animals find a forever home on their own.

Kathleen sees the dogs as a “package deal” and how can you blame her? Just imagine how sad these animals will be when their mother finally leaves their side and then imagine what it would be like for them to head to a shelter, where they are going to be separated in all likelihood. This is no fate that any living creature should have to endure, let alone the “Aussie Posse”.

Autumn Moon, Moka Luka and Finnegan need to find a new home before their mother passes away and in an effort to expedite the process, Kathleen has shared her story with Facebook and the local news team. While you may need to dry your eyes after watching this video, be sure to share the story with the dog lovers in your life, to increase the chances that these three lovable pups are able to stay together in a new home.

The more people who see this story, the better. Let’s all do our best to ensure that Kathleen’s dying wish comes true.

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