During Our Hike In The Woods, We Turned the Corner To Find This Train. Then We Stepped Inside. STUNNING!


Back in the 1930s, the town of Essex, Montana had truly begun to heat up. Adjacent to the Glacier National Park, the town really began to blow up once they received their own railroad stop. With travel being made easy, the town experienced a great deal of success and growth. Once Essex began to grow, plans to build a brand new entrance to Glacier National Park were made.

These plans were supposed to be the push that finally put Essex on the map in a big way, but they had to be scuttled, thanks to World War II. Once the war began, building the new entrance became a lower priority and was placed onto the back burner.
A hotel was built before the town of Essex scrapped the plans of building the new entrance, a hotel that remains standing to this day, providing a great place to stay for a variety of mountain hikers and skiing enthusiasts. Thanks to these frequent guests, the hotel was found a way to continue to survive.

While this caboose may not look like much from the outside, it provides accommodations for up to six people. The inside is deceptively beautiful, with a modern motif that makes you forget that you’re on the inside of a train car. This caboose is fully functional, with all of the creature comforts you’re used to.

Not only are there two bunk beds on the inside, but there is also a well stocked kitchen and a master suite that comes equipped with a gas fireplace. Even though the caboose weighs at least 60,000 pounds, you will be hard pressed to find a hotel that is more homey and welcoming to out of town residents.
Train enthusiasts go wild over this unique hotel, flocking from miles to take pictures and spend the night. In addition to the hotel/caboose, there are also several other renovated trains for tourists to gawk at. The inside of the cars have been restored with wood, giving them a more rustic appearance and ensuring that they remain true to their roots.

Children and adults alike go crazy over these train cars and they can easily host a smaller family or even two couples. The kitchen is ready and waiting for you, so that you can prepare some freshly caught fish. Essex still has a train track, but it only receives Amtrak stops when there are waiting passengers.

The railway remains pivotal, however, thanks to freight trains who can use the additional help making their way over the mountain passageways. If you enjoyed this story about train cars that have found a new way to be useful, be sure to share it across all of your social media platforms as soon as possible!

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