Donkey Adopts Disabled Dog Because Other Dogs Won’t Play With Him


Dogs are often considered to be a lesser species, but they are far more similar to humans than given credit for. Human beings often struggle to accept those who are different from them and as a result, humans with disabilities are ostracized from the larger group and experience a great deal of sadness at a very young age.

The disabled dog in this clip certainly knows this feeling all too well. This pup is not able to run and play in the same manner as the other dogs and as a result, she lives a very sad, lonely, isolated existence. The other dogs are not in the mood to wait around for her and they have very little understanding of her condition.

Kolima is stricken with a condition known as wobbly syndrome, which is what keeps her from developing at the same rate as the other puppies in her litter. Unlike so many other dogs like her, who are forced to languish all by themselves, a kindly donkey stepped in and took her under its wing.

This video is proof that the love animals feel for one another is not limited to their own species, that animals from a variety of different backgrounds can come together as one. Humans from every part of the world should be able to take some form of inspiration from this amazing tale.

As a result of Kolima’s wobbly syndrome, she is not able to walk like other dogs and her gait is very shaky. The act of standing up causes her a tremendous amount of pain and while she wishes that she could play with the others, these problems are just too much for her little body to handle. This video provides viewers with a glimpse into her daily existence, as well as her amazing connection with her adoptive donkey mother.

Paolo the donkey spends lots of time with Kolima and her quality of life has improved immensely. Observers say that Kolima is at her absolute happiest when Paolo is around and from the looks of it, these two are going to be the best of friends for a long time to come.

Kolima really needed this friendship and Paolo came into her life at the perfect time. We all need someone to stand up and take notice of us, so please take a moment to share this incredible video with your friends and family members as soon as possible!

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