Dogs Who Have Found Goats And Are Totally Keeping Them


We love animals. We can spend years speculating on what is about our two – and four – companions that is so endearing. Is it because they’re always there for us? Or that they’re fast to become constant companions?

It may be that they are as unique – and human – as we are. They display a human-like quality from protectiveness to affection that we find not only fascinating, but it touches our hearts.


These dogs; for example, have made themselves a friend with goats. The “why” and the “how” is irrelevant, it is merely touching to see moments of two buds hanging out together. And there is a hint of comedy Some of the pictures you’ll see are just too funny for words, and of course: we always need to tell a story. .


She just wanted to spend a lazy day with some company… while most dogs – like people – are peculiar about who jumps on the couch, there was something about laying back on the couch with company that was too good to be true.


Best friends showing love… When you have a goat that seems to just need a good friend, it’s always nice to see there’s a hug readily available when things seem to be a bit overwhelming.


There’s nothing wrong that a kiss won’t cure… There is nothing like watching this one give a newfound friend kisses unabashedly. It’s also akin to watching a toddler and dog become fast friends: sooner or later, those kisses lead to some mischief.


Two friends, same size, meeting eye to eye…. Funny it is to watch two animals of the same size start up. They’ll happily follow each through, over, under anything that’s there. And the owner now has his hands full. Literally.

Parental pride…There’s nothing funnier than when a dog decides to become either the surrogate parent, or surrogate sibling. Then you’re asking for trouble, because two will be inseparable! And as this pooch looks at his new young charge, you can almost see the protective instinct starting up.


Strength in numbers…There is nothing like relaxing and taking in a beautiful day. There’s nothing like taking a beautiful day doing nothing. With friends.

Old Man and me…Of course, it’s only natural the youngest have to have fun with the oldest, who are patient, but too tired to care.


Togetherness…Unlike cats, goats really do want to stick close to their canine compadres, even when it comes to taking a walk.

Young and spoiled…You were planning on teaching the little one that the bed was not allowed. Then you got a friend. Now they need to be together constantly, and the puppy bed is just too small. You know how it gets when the kids get together…


The shot everybody loves…It’s the one thing that’s guaranteed to melt somebody’s heart as the grizzled older pooch sits back and allows the young one to nuzzle up affectionately. Can we say “Awww…”


And of course, somebody was going to do it. It’s inevitable: dressing your pooch as a goat or something else. But you can see it in the canine’s eyes: he didn’t sign up for that.

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