The Dog’s Relaxing And Staring Out The Window When All Of A Sudden… OMG


The song that has been chosen for this video is spot on, as well. It helps to set the mood and it is the perfect soundtrack to an afternoon of cuddling. From the looks of it, the larger dog seems to be playing lookout, while the smaller dog curls up on top for warmth and protection. The facial expression on the little brown dog says it all, there is no place that they would rather be.

The black dog maintains a stoic stare and pretends that they do not notice the presence of the smaller brown pup. But we definitely know better. They are happy to be together and we hope that Pea Bear and Pooh Bear are able to enjoy many more cuddles alongside one another for years to come.
Since the larger dog is refusing to turn around and acknowledge their little cuddle buddy, this allows them to snuggle even tighter. The owners of these two Dachshunds are fortunate to have a scene this adorable unfolding in their very own home. Who needs television when real life is this entertaining?

Regardless of the black dog’s unwillingness to display their emotions, the love that these two share is plain as day to see. Their connection is deep and they have a bond that allows them to hang out without exchanging any sort of verbal communication. That is when you know you have a true love for someone: when you can sit and enjoy each other’s presence in total peace and quiet.

We find ourselves envying these two very much and you will too, once you take a moment to check out this super cute clip. You may even find yourself watching it more than once, if you’re anything like us!

After you’ve finished watching, it is time to spread the love and pass it along to the Dachshund aficionados in your life. This is the perfect clip to watch with your special someone, so don’t be shy about about sharing this post.

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