Dog’s Easter Party Turns Out To Be A Sleeper


This cute, funny, and heartwarming little video surely deserves to be shared by anyone that loves dogs and especially in celebration of the lady that accomplished all of this almost miraculous good fellowship between so many dogs.


The story goes that a lady named Brenda Langley began operating Lucky Puppy as one of the first free range puppy daycare in Michigan. Free range means the animals get to wander about like normal dogs are wont to on a 13 acre farm.

The lady fed the dogs a special meal at Eater and like dogs do the dogs took a nap after a big feed. You have to look at the video to believe this. It is not a few dogs. It is a host of dogs, a throng of dogs, and an army of dogs.

Large puppies are sleeping peacefully on every bit of furniture, floor, and just anywhere that you can see in the video. Not a dog is moving. This is really amazing that so many unrelated animals get along so well in a small space.

The little video is funny. You just cannot keep from grinning at the more than filled and satisfied look on all the sleeping puppy’s faces. There are so many dogs napping in so many different spots and positions that it is almost unbelievable.

A large part of the credit for the peacefulness and comfort the dogs display goes to Ms. Langley. She had to go through a load of legal hassle in order to get a license for a puppy daycare where the dogs could roam about like dogs should. It really is a brilliant idea to have a puppy day care in a setting where the puppies can explore to their heart’s content.

You need to share this video for the charm. All of those sleeping puppies are just somehow soothing. The puppies are fairly large and will probably be very big when they grow up. You just do not see that many dogs in a living room every day.

Share the video so that Ms. Langley can continue to operate her free range dog care facility. The more you share the more clients and puppies she will get to love and take care of.

Share this video so that the idea of free roaming kennels and dog care facilities can become the norm instead of the cramped quarters that most dog boarding facilities use. A roaming dog is a happy dog. No cages make better puppies.
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