17 Dogs Who Just Want ALL Of The Hugs


Intimate contact; it’s what we all yearn for. At the end of the day, after drudging doggedly doing dull and daunting tasks, all we really want is someone, or something greet us when we walk through the door, and give us a big ol’ bear hug. Unfortunately, not all of us have significant others, children, or warm cuddly ursine creatures in our lives. Be it by choice, or by fate, some of us just don’t have other people there to warm us when our world feels the most frigid. But luckily for mankind (cue the drumroll), we can always have man’s best friend by our side!

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Pets can serve as the perfect cure for loneliness for nearly everyone who’s found themselves lacking adequate social contact with other people. Be it the homeless dog owners, who’s dogs cuddle with them in the bleak drear of bitter night; or the isolated grandmother who views accumulating stray cats like taking in orphans, people can use pets to fill the holes in their lives where other people would normally be, but aren’t, due to some unfortunate circumstance.

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When in need of warm, loving affection, pets of all shapes and sizes can do the trick. Cats are ideal for warming laps. Parrots can pantomime human conversation. Snakes can coil around shoulders and necks. Hamsters can be held in the palm of your hand. But what if all you really want is a friendly, fervent embrace from something that loves you so much, it can hardly catch a glimpse of you without losing all self-control and jumping (whether you want it or not) all over you? That’s where dogs come in.

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Yes, dogs. Man’s best friend. Bred from wolves into companions, from savage beasts to half-civilized beasts. Our personalized, uniquely customized buddies, who range from Poodles, to Pugs; Bloodhounds, to Huskies; Rottweilers, to Pit Bulls, our choices of lovely canine companions myriad and almost limitless. Whether you want a toy pup that can fit into your handbag (I’m looking at you, Paris Hilton), or a huge Labrador Retriever that can protect you from intruders, there are a wide variety of breeds to choose from.

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No matter the breed though, it seems intrinsic in doggy nature to just want to find something to cuddle with, straddle, and slobber all over. As a testament to this unarguable truth here are 17 pictures of dogs who just can’t seem to get enough of that sweet, furry love:

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