This Dog Was So Weak, He Could Barely Lift The Weight Of The Chain. But Watch This.


The number of dogs that are mistreated, abused and neglected is just disgraceful, to say the least. These amazing creatures love without condition, provide affection and companionship, and rely on humans to provide for their needs. It is so difficult to understand the callousness of some people when it comes to animals. How anyone can look into those beautiful and accepting eyes only to return their desire for love and care with cruelty.

Duke is one such dog. For five years this beautiful animal was left chained up, with little to no food or water. The heavy chain around his neck became so heavy, by the time he was mercifully rescued he could barely lift the weight of his form of bondage to even move around the small area the chain allowed him access to. By the time this poor guy was rescued, he was close to death having been left to die with no food or water.
Duke, weighed only 20 pounds by the time the wonderful people at Illioupolis Animal Welfare Union volunteers found him. Duke appears to be a retriever mix, so at 20 pounds he was close to 50 pounds or more under what a healthy dog should weigh. In the video taken when he was rescued, you can visibly see his bones under his fur as he slowly attempts to make contact with the volunteers there to help him.

Duke was taken to the shelter where he was examined. He timidly allows the volunteer to lift him on to the table, too weak to resist even if he wanted to, but it seems as if Duke understands these humans want to help him. After being examined and diagnosed with a serious case of heart-worms, he received treatment along with a good dose of nutritious food and water, he began his miraculous transformation.

Today Duke has almost doubled in weight and he is a healthy, playful and loving dog. He loves people, and especially children. For now he spends his days taking long walks with the volunteers at the shelter, enjoying freedom to run and play and finally after five years of starvation, getting regular nutritious meals. What he needs now is a good home with people who will love and care for him the way he deserves.
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Watch his amazing transformation from exhausted near death captive to a joyful playful dog as he runs and plays with freedom. Please also make sure to share this great video and Dukes story with as many people as possible. Put a smile on someone’s face and help Duke find a family.

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