Dog Surrendered Twice, Refuses To Leave The Only Piece Of Home He Has Left


Chuchi is the sweetest little miniature poodle, but his story is kind of sad. He was not home for Christmas. Instead, he was surrendered to the Carson Animal Care Center, found in Gardena, California. This was done two days before Christmas. He was given one thing as a source of comfort, which came from his last home – a little bed.

It’s understandable that this 13 pound puppy has not moved from his little bed. There are all sorts of strange and unfamiliar smells and sounds. It can be frightening for a little dog like this.

Chuchi is six years old, and has found himself inside of shelters on more than one occasion. He has been rejected from two of his homes. He was with the most recent family for a little bit over a year, and they had to move. Unfortunately, they decided to move without him.

Chuchi loves to spend his time indoors, and get along really well with everyone he meets – including small children. He is shy, though, so he likes to be the only pet in the house. He is an absolute sweetheart, which is why no one in the shelters can figure out why getting rejected from the families that adopt him.

The saddest part about this entire story is that he is a shelter that will ultimately euthanize dogs because they have limited resources and space. This means that Chuchi needs to find a home – and his story is not one-of-a-kind. Millions of dollars every year are in need of homes, and may ultimately die because of abandonment. According to the ASPCA, $1.2 million get euthanized every year due to overflow.

A sweet dog like this should never get abandoned in the first place, and certainly not euthanized because shelters don’t have enough room to hold him until he gets adopted. It could have a sad ending to his story.

This is the kind of story that touches your heart. As soon as you see the video of Chuchi in action, you may want to do the adopting on your own. Let’s get him adopted! Share out the video on social media and let’s see what we can all do to make sure that he gets some permanent love in his life!

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