Dog Owner Coaxes Pet Dog To Bark More Softly


While some people have trouble curbing their dog’s excessive barking, one dog owner has taught her dog to bark – but to “speak” or bark softly. In fact, she can prompt her canine to adjust the volume a couple notches lower at a time. He also can elicit a “cute” bark when encouraged to do so too.
Many pet owners can take a cue from this amazing effort in dog training as we often reward our furry friends when they bark versus when they are quiet. Therefore, it is important to be cognizant of the attention you give to your pet as well as when you give it as doing so may be giving your dog permission to bark.

For example, some pet parents, without realizing it, pat their pup on the head while trying to quiet him. However, the loud or barking dog interprets this gesture as permission, if not a reward, for barking in the first place. Acknowledging your pet with a pat on the head should be done when he is stone silent, especially if you do not want to be subjected to the extraneous noise.

Praise Your Dog When He is Quiet

Get into the practice then of giving your dog plenty of accolades and notice when he is quiet or well-behaved and you will be amazed at the results of the transformation. Rewarding you dog whenever he is quiet with a hug, pat on the head, or a tasty treat will lead to pet behavior that can only be described as serene.

It is hard to say how the woman taught her dog to bark more softly but she did accomplish a feat that most of us would like to achieve ourselves. However, rewarding your pet when he is quiet can also lead to a change in pet behavior that is a welcome improvement. For example, if your furry companion is quietly looking outside or lying placidly at your feet, those are the times you want to pat him gently on the head or reward him with a doggy snack or treat.

Teach Your Dog the Basic Commands

Always make it a priority to ignore your dog when he is barking too loud. He should also know the basic commands of “sit” and “stay.” Dogs do not like to bark when they are in a sitting position. Therefore, in order to curb any barking, take the initiative – teach your dog to sit and to stay. In dog training circles, the commands, “sit” and/or “stay” can be translated to “sit down and be quiet.”

Don’t Shout at Your Dog to Stop Barking

Therefore, if you want to make sure your pet and you can bond and communicate on the same terms, remain the alpha dog in the pack. Teach your dog to sit and stay, especially at those times he is barking a little too loudly. Don’t shout at your dog if he is barking out of turn. Otherwise, he will think you are barking too. You definitely do not want to enter that kind of contest.

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