This Dog Is As Loyal As They Come


The relationship between this little boy and his dog is one of the most adorable things that you will lay eyes on today. We don’t know too many little boys who have the kind of patience that it takes to walk a dog and we don’t know too many dogs who have the kind of patience that it takes to wait for their master, either.


But the dog in this clip is as loyal as they come. Can you imagine what would happen in most instances if a small child behaved like the one in this video? The vast majority of dogs out there would take the opportunity to run fast and far, forcing the parents who are recording the video to take off running after them.

Watson is not like most animals, though. When little Arthur decides to put down his leash mid walk and play in a puddle instead, Watson’s amazing patience and loyalty shine through. Instead of using Arthur’s inattention as an opportunity to create some mischief of his own or even find a puddle of his own to play in, he simply lets the child frolic and play.

This little boy has yet to realize just how lucky he is to have a pup like this. Lots of small children have been left in tears, because they decided to take their eyes off their pet for just one minute. Arthur will never have to worry about such things, as Watson will remain by his side, no matter what. These two are going to be great friends for years to come.

Even though this dog has been handed a golden opportunity to run away and enjoy the nice, sunny day, he stays and wait for his little buddy. Arthur is probably not old enough to realize what a blessing it is to have a dog who allows him to play in puddles without taking off. The expression on the dog’s face when the leash is first set down is priceless, it’s almost as if he cannot believe it himself.

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