They Thought Their Dog Was Dead, But 6 Years Later THIS Happens


When you have a dog you hoped would spend the rest of her life with you as a faithful and true companion but all of a sudden, your loving friend goes missing. Ouch! What a harrowing experience this great loss will instill. As a result, you could be very disturbed and at the same time confused, owing to the fact that you lack any substantial idea on where to start searching for the lost dog or how far the dog must have gone in its straying.


Obviously, if she were around the vicinity in the neighborhood, after a period of one or two days (at most weeks) your adorable friend is sure to resurface again, dead or alive – the rest of the story is up to the dog.

However, in a situation whereby you have tried all you could to find the missing dog but to no avail and you are left with no other choice but to sit back at home with your fingers cross hoping to receive news about her whereabouts with your ears standing erect waiting to hear the slightest sound of her barking as she makes her way home but to your dismay none of these happened.

As days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months, you will begin to lose hope in her return as you tend to believe that she must have come to some harm that makes her return unrealistic. This was the case with Maisy – a beagle dog that went missing for 6 years. For her family which she left behind, months turned into years as they waited anxiously for her return and lost hope.

This whole event began when Maisy was playing with her family in the woods and before they could know what was going on, Maisy, the beagle was out of sight (and with time she would be out of mind too).

Efforts were made by her adorable family members who could not bear the loss; they pasted posters and shared flyers to create a general public awareness of the unfortunate loss of a true friend and how anxiously they expect her return. Some extraordinary efforts were also employed to find the missing dog which include overnight prayers from Parker, one of the children who was only 4 at that time.

Not until that fateful day, when her owner received a called from Young William Animal Center, it had already become obvious that Maisy may never return again. However, the call, which broke the unexpected news about the discovery of Maisy came as a shocker.

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