This Dog Loses His Mind When He Finds Out Where They’re Going


Dogs love to take rides in the car, and this is evident by the way they react when they are in the car. They love car rides as it makes them feel they are on a hunt, they put their head out the window, and the breeze touches their fur. The look on their faces at this time is priceless and shows true happiness. Their love for adventure and discovering new things make the ride more enjoyable and they also love the different smells they can perceive while in the car and they can see new places also.
There’s something else that may make dogs euphoric too, and you are about to find out. Dogs also love to go to the park where they can play fetch, meet other dogs, smell the environment and roll on the grass. The dog in this story had a priceless reaction when he was taken into the car and told that they were going to the park.

The owner knew his dog would react with excitement, and so he took him into the car for an average car ride and the dog enjoyed it as usual. When they got close to the park, the owner told him that they were going to the park, and the huge dog was overly excited. He jumped from the back seat to the front seat and went close to the windscreen. He kept prancing around like a pony who had to pee. His owner was not surprised as he knew how much his pet loves the park. He kept asking him where they were going and whenever he says that they were getting closer, the dog screams in excitement in the most adorable way possible.

The owner tried to calm him down while laughing at how excited his dog felt and the dog was having none of it, he kept moving around the car and can’t seem to wait to get down and have some fun. The dog owner kept taunting him and reminding him that they are close to the park, and he reacts again with so much vigor, screaming and jumping all over the car. It is funny the way he moves back and forth waiting for the car to stop and the owner can’t stop laughing at his adorable pet.
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When he hears “we are almost there” he barks loudly and moves back and the twenty minutes ride begins to seem like a whole year for the adorable mutt. Finally, they get to the park, and the dog can play with his friends and also roll on grass and play fetch. It must be an exciting life for mutts who love to ride in cars with their family and go to the park to play with frisbees.

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