This Dog Just Gave Birth To Her Puppies… But Wait Till You See What’s Inside Her Mouth.


Videos like these remind us of just how important it is to have a mother, especially those who have been abandoned by the woman who was supposed to love and care for them most. Families do not have to be related by blood, it is the love that we share for one another that binds us, as the animals in this clip are more than willing to demonstrate.

When three year old Annabelle gave birth to her own litter of puppies, this moment was already special enough. You would think that this mother already had enough on her plate, what with all of the new babies to care for, but she was able to find additional room in her heart. This story serves as a great lesson about the importance of putting our differences to the side and being there for each other.
After Annabelle had given birth to the puppies, she went outside for some fresh air and to take a much needed breather. But there is no rest for the weary, as Annabelle soon took notice of some tiny, mewling kittens that were stranded outside with no one to care for them. This mother’s heart is so big, she immediately took the kittens back inside with her, carrying them gingerly with her mouth.

The two orphaned kittens were in desperate need of help and Annabelle adopted them into her new brood, without so much as a second thought. We cannot believe her generosity and we are happy to see that these kittens will not be left outside to fend for themselves. She’s even letting the kittens nurse directly from her, a huge boon for the hungry animals.

Annabelle did not do too well with the incessant sound of meowing at first, but after an initial feeling out period, the new family has developed quite the bond. The owners of the pup even tried to feed the kittens themselves, by using an eye dropped, but the little kittens have decided that they would rather feed from their adopted mother. What an incredibly heartwarming story.
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Just take a look at this touching video and try your best to keep your composure. Once you’ve finished watching, be sure to pass this clip along to your friends and family members. This dog is a shining example of what can happen when differences are put to the side and we are able embrace one another without judgement.

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