This Dog Is So Smart He Uses The Bathroom Like A Human!


Potty training is a tremendously difficult concept for any parent to successfully teach to successfully teach their little one and it takes a great deal of patience from both parties. For the owner, it involves a lot of getting up at the crack of dawn and cleaning up nasty messes. For the pet, the process forces them to act in a way that works against their natural instincts.

The pooch in this video took to potty training like a fish takes to the water, though. The way this animal uses the toilet, you would think he was born to do it. His dad must have been a very good teacher, because this dog seems like a complete and total natural. While most owners don’t like for their animals to go to the bathroom indoors, we are going to take a wild guess and say that this owner does not mind it in the slightest.
This is a dog that does not need for anyone to help him go to the bathroom outdoors. He can handle the task all by himself, thank you very much and he is proud to let us know it. The majority of this dog’s counterparts seem to see a toilet as a massive bowl of cold water to drink, but this guy knows how to use the porcelain throne for its intended purpose.

If you are worried about this dog’s ability to position himself over the toilet, those fears are unfounded. He knows how to tinkle without making a mess and for that, his owner is forever grateful. Dog ownership is a lot of fun and when pets can learn how to remove the messiest part of it from the equation, there is no limit to the good times that can be had.

Don’t believe us? Then be sure to take a look at this incredible video, so that you can appreciate this amazing pup’s unique ability for yourself. You just might have to pick your jaw up off the ground afterwards, though.
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We are not entirely sure if he has been taught how to flush the toilet, but it is safe to assume that he will also learn how to handle this part of the process, too. After all, he’s already gotten the hardest part down. If you were as astonished as we were, then be sure to pass this clip along to your friends and loved ones as soon as possible.

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