The Dog Has Been Lost For 2 Years. But When He Hears His Human’s Voice Again… OMG


Imagine being lost for 2 years! You wander out of your yard and end up in places that are foreign to you. No one is familiar and nothing brings back memories. That’s exactly what happened to Bosco the beagle hound. In January of 2014 Bosco got out of his yard in Rhode Island. Though his family looked for him, he managed to just not be in the right place and evaded everyone.

A few months ago a busy neighborhood restaurant spot noticed a dog was pulling out their garbage every night for a meal. Nighttime workers saw a mid-sized beagle frightfully wandering around the dumpster area where they threw out the night’s service. Upon seeing the dog multiple times, they called “Missing Dogs of Massachusetts.” The non-profit organization specializes in reuniting missing animals with their saddened owners.

The organization uses large cages to catch animals reported to them. The cages are equipped with cameras to see what little animal roams up to it nightly. They set up the cage at the restaurant hot-spot in hopes that they would catch the mystery dog. It didn’t take long for Bosco to make an appearance. There was a good meal at the back of the cage and he wanted it.

Although he was obviously timid, luckily, it didn’t take Bosco long to listen to his stomach and wander into the cage. His only goal was to have the delicious meal he could smell from a mile away. The door came down behind him and he was trapped. Lucky for him though, he also was on his way to being reunited. When the crew found him the next morning, they quickly realized he belonged to Bill Ballato.

The organization’s representative gave Mr. Ballato a call and let him know that they now had his long-two-year-lost companion and he was ready for going back home. The owner confirmed that Bosco was on a leash but somehow managed to get loose and wander out of the yard two years prior.

There was one problem though: the owner moved from the area. Missing Dogs of Massachusetts is now working on a reunion plan for Bosco and his owner. Although the dog was missing, they noted that he is in excellent health. Most likely due to roaming in a highly-restaurant based area, he was never in want of a good meal. In terms of other ailments, after a good check-up the only thing different about Bosco, a veterinarian stated, was that he was 2 years older!
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Check out the video to see just how much of a fighter Bosco is and the happy owner who got that lucky call. This is a sign of how much love goes unaffected by the passing of time.

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