A Dog Fell Into A Tar Pit And Was Found Rock Solid. What Happened Next? OMG


Annually, 7.6 million pets are sent to animal shelters all over the country and out of this number, roughly 2.7 million of these pets are euthanized due to illnesses or some other factors. These statistics are truly disheartening, and the number seems to be on a steady increase.

Some people give up their pets if they intend to move to a far-away place, or they have no more space for the pet. Others simply cannot care for the pet if it has become sickly or old while some have no reason, but just want to be rid of the pet.

Hearing such stories concerning abandoned pets can tear our fragile hearts apart, especially when you consider the fact that there are much better options which the owners could have taken to ensure that the pets have better lives and better homes. The terrible actions of this sad stories are indescribable, and it is the most heartless act of cruelty to animals.


A man in who lives in Spain was taking a walk as is his routine and on his way, he discovered some movements in a tar pit. He investigated it further and found out that there were puppies in the tar, and they were still alive. The puppies were discarded to die in the tar pit and had a short time before they would die of suffocation.


The man succeeded in getting help from some women who worked in an animal shelter in the city of Cartagena, Spain and they rescued the puppies and took them to the shelter. These women played a large role in healing them both physically and mentally. It was not an easy task to wash off the tar from the skin of the dogs as it can cause grave damage to the skin and fur. The dogs had also swallowed some tar and needed urgent medical attention.


Fortunately, they were able to wash the tar off after two whole days and saved the puppies, but one of them had to be humanely euthanized as he was too weak to survive. The remaining two puppies survived the ordeal, all thanks to the heroes who took the time to help them. This terrible incident could have been easily avoided by just dropping off the puppies at a shelter, instead of murdering them in the worst possible way.

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