Dog Dumped At A Shelter Because She Was “Not Perfect”


One of the biggest problems faced worldwide is pet abandonment and the pet most affected by this are dogs. Sometimes the reason might be unavoidable and unfortunate that there owners might be left with little or no choice but to surrender their dogs. Reasons may include home foreclosure. Unfortunately, many cases of other dog abandonment have ridiculous reasons for them.

Dogs are in most cases are bred to feel like a part of the family, like every other human member of the family, they are loved and cherished every day in every way.

Sadly, some people believe that dogs are to be loved and cared for only for a specified time of their life or worse still, when they are fresh and strong. Anything short of this like when they become needy, it calls for tossing them away. From petty reasons like being too old and not fun anymore to being sick and unable to afford vet expenses, the list of excuses are endless.


Take the instance of a lovely white dog that was abandoned because of an imperfection- a deformity on one of her front paw.

Rescued by Love Leo Rescue which is a small rescue based in LA and run by Sasha Rose., this wonderful community of people also provided Clementine as she was named with the much needed medical attention she deserved seeing that she might not be adopted due to this deformity.


Luckily, this medical procedure was quite straightforward and simple involving two separate surgeries. While the first involved using a pin to ease the fusing together of the bones of the paw into the right position, the second surgery involved the removal of Clementine’s extra toe.


Thankfully, reports from the surgeons indicate that Clementine is bouncing back to health quite well which is an indication that both surgeries were successful. Clementine now looks forward to being loved and cared for by loving owners who have her welfare at heart and not just anywhere but in her own home. We are sure she can’t wait but sorry Clementine, the doctors says you have to because until that pin gets removed from your leg and you are certified fit, Love Leo Rescue will not let go.

This story calls for an awakening in people to realize that having a dog is like having a baby, until they realize that it is a lifetime commitment, the number of abandoned dogs will only keep increasing. how many people will share this PERFECT dog? I believe he is perfect!  take a look at Love Leo Rescue for more info about this dog.

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