Dog Sees A Duck Swimming In His Pool. But When He Does This With His Paw, Hilarious!


Dogs either love having other animals around, or they don’t. Occy is a dog that has a very special friend in the house – Biggie the Duck. The two of them are best friends and seem to go everywhere together. It’s kind of an unusual partnership for the two of them, but they don’t seem to mind it one bit.

The two of them bonded when they were babies – and that made it easier for them to understand how to be around each other. The dog knew that he had to be gentle around Biggie. Biggie has no idea that he is actually a duck, and will often eat out of the dog bowl. The duck doesn’t even eat duck food!
The two of them take naps, go for swims, and more. The dog has its own little blue wading pool. When he sees the duck in his pool, he comes by and uses his paw to dunk his head in the pool. It is the funniest thing ever because it isn’t malicious in the slightest. It is just the way that Occy plays around, and he does so in the gentlest of ways.

The owner lives out on the water and as she explains in the video, boaters will often drive by and take photos when they see the duck and the dog playing together. Most people see it as rather unusual, though she has gotten so used to it, that it doesn’t even faze her.

The dog always knows just how gentle to be. The two of them will play around on land and in the pool. Sometimes, Biggie sits on top of Occy in the pool, and this looks like a lot of fun for both of them. Sometimes Occy will lay in the pool and Biggie will come by with her beak, pecking at him. He doesn’t seem to mind – in fact, it looks like he is enjoying it quite a bit. It’s probably just as effective as a human petting his coat.

Have you ever seen a duck and a dog become best friends? They are quite the dynamic duo and apparently the talk of the neighborhood. It’s a relationship that will never get old for the two of them.

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