Stray Dog Carried Food Bowl To Rescuers Because He Just Wanted Someone to Feed Him


We tend to come across a lot of stray dog videos. They usually involve the strays being corralled by rescue teams, taken to receive medical assistance and being given forever homes to call their own. But this clip is much, much different than the rest and the dog you are about to meet deserves a great deal of praise for his level of resourcefulness.

As the old saying goes, a closed mouth does not ever get fed and this dog certainly took that wisdom to heart. The World Animal Awareness Society happened to be in the same city as the pup, as they were working on the all important American Strays project in Detroit.
Detroit has fallen on hard times recently and the World Animal Awareness Society was on hand to document it. They were filming, collecting footage of abandoned houses, so that viewers at home could see how all of the stray dogs were forced to live. Their intentions were certainly noble and as a result, one particular stray decided to test their level of compassion.

It had been so long since he’d eaten and the pup was starting to wonder where his next meal was coming from. Anyone could see that the animal was struggling and when he caught a glimpse of the World Animal Awareness Society team, he sprang into action.

His food dish had been empty for far too long and something inside of him sensed that these people would take some much needed pity on him. He sprinted five houses down, grabbed his food dish and brought it to the team, so that they could help him put an end to his waking nightmare. No living creature deserves to live this way and we hope that this dog finds a home of his own real soon.

To see what happens when the animal brings his empty food dish to the World Animal Awareness Society team, be sure to remain tuned in until the very end. This is one of the most heartwarming videos that we have seen in a long time and this group of helpers deserves a great deal of kudos for all their hard work.
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