Dog Can’t Fit Huge Stick On A Narrow Bridge…Watch How He Solves The Problem! BRILLIANT!


Dogs are incredible and intelligent animals. They are used in everyday life to help humans in ways that amaze us. A dog has a sense of smell that far above the human sense. That ability makes it possible for dogs to locate missing people. Dogs are used to help find the lost, missing or deceased. They can follow a trail of scent to show exactly how a missing person traveled. Their abilities allow people to put the puzzle together and often determine what has happened to someone.

Dogs have (and execute) a natural ability to protect. There have been many stories told of children going missing in the woods. Their dog will often stay with them and lay against them to keep them warm. A dog will nurture a child to keep them from harm and will put themselves in danger to protect against predators, both human and animal.

Dogs are used in law enforcement. They can run faster, and jump higher than officers and assist greatly in stopping a person. They are used to defend both officers and the general public. Even the smallest dog will bare teeth in defense of his master if they feel a threat.

For generations, dogs have assisted firefighters in locating and rescuing a person who is trapped in a smoke filled building.

Dogs are trained to assist the handicap in many ways. From guiding the blind to bringing comfort to the depressed, dogs are a miracle. A dog is dedicated to his master even to the point of death. This relationship seems to be natural and effortless.

The dog in this video is very smart. He discovers a problem and uses his own problem solving skills to solve it. He has found the perfect stick. It is a large stick that fits easily in his mouth and he wants to take it home. The problem is, he has to carry the stick across a foot bridge and it doesn’t quite fit. He tries a couple of times without success. Then it occurs to him that he has to change the way he is carrying the stick to make it go across. Never does he put the stick down. He regroups and changes the angle of the stick until it fits across the bridge.

Though we enjoy watching this dog figure out a way to solve his immediate problem, we are still amazed at how he does it. He seems to think it out and takes steps to eliminate his immediate problem without considering defeat. This problem solving logic, that seems to be a natural instinct to the dog, is what makes our relationship with our dogs, stronger than a bond with any other species.

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