Dog Born With Odds Stacked Against Her. This is What Happens When Idiots Breed Dogs.


Animals are often born into adverse conditions, because of people’s insistence on breeding their own dogs in their backyards, with the objective of turning a profit. For the most part, these amateur breeders are not well versed in the proper techniques, which leads to a variety of medical issues for the puppies that are created as a result of these tactics.


The dogs end up suffering tremendously and are often diagnosed with medical conditions that make it difficult for them to find forever homes. The dog in this story is named Pinky and Pinky was left to live at a local shelter after being supposedly found “in the streets”. However, the shelter staff was very skeptical about this story and knew better. In their minds, the people who brought Pinky to them knew far more than they were willing to let on.

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All it took was one close look at Pinky to know that there was something seriously wrong with her, even if they were not quite able to put their finger on it. From the looks of it, Pinky seemed like any other normal dog, with her squished nose, tiny little squinty eyes and a tongue that protruded ever so slightly.

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While she did have a broken leg when she was brought to the shelter to receive help, this was actually a milder concern in the grand scheme of things. Christie Cornelius, who is an experienced veterinarian, was able to diagnose Pinky’s true problem rather quickly.

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When a CAT scan was finally performed on the pup, it was discovered that part of Pinky’s brain had made its way into her nasal cavity. As a result of this condition, she did not possess any frontal sinus cavities to speak of and her eyes and eye sockets were not developing at the pace that they should.

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To make matters worse, the animal was experiencing inverted, ingrown eyelashes that were rubbing against her corneas. Pinky was also diagnosed with epilepsy and an inability to see or hear properly. It is more than likely that these medical issues stem from inbreeding.

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The shelter workers were able to fix her broken leg, as well as the eyelashes, but only time will tell when it comes to the rest of her problems. Please share this story with your friends and family, so that awareness can be spread about these horrific breeding practices. No living creature anywhere deserves to be born into a situation like this.



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