Only A Dog And Baby Could Deliver These Laughs


Dogs of course have their own brand of humor, and though they probably don’t think so (as in this case!) people seem to love it. Oh yes, there is also babies doing those things that just come natural, call it human nature, than really creates a moment that brings tears to our eyes and makes our mouths hurt from laughing way too hard for way too long. Not that this is a bad thing though.


Well this had all the components of the perfect skit. Of course there was a baby who is just absolutely adorable, this always helps. Then the dog who for the most part was or at least appeared to be disinterested in the whole occurrence until…well that becomes quite obvious by the end. It is still up for debate as to what was the funniest part of this whole scene.

Adding to the skit was the investigation of the dog, which happens rather quickly but is awfully hard to miss. It is about the only time the dog seems to have any particular care about what is going on, but in all fairness to the dog I’m not sure the poor pooch had an option but to at least have some care or concern. Mom narrated, unintentionally by the way, but it doesn’t take anything away – if anything at all it helps to guide us through each step as it all builds to the climax.

To complete the totally unplanned skit, is a couple of unexpected twists. The first won’t be seen but the eyes won’t be necessary for the first surprise. Second is the tandem that was probably unnoticed by both baby and dog, but when the dog completely loses interest in even being a part of this scene altogether, well then the very last surprise is revealed.

This at worst will give the most stoic a chuckle, for most it might just hurt a little as life just happens and funny just follows. In this case, only the way a baby and a dog can deliver. A fan of babies, or dogs? Then this has to strike a chord. Now if you are an animal lover who happens to love babies too then this might be humor tailored just for you. They say laughter is the best medicine, then this could be an overdose.
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