Dog Attacked By Coyote Despite All Necessary Security Measures In Place…


Can you imagine what it’s like to be held outside of your own home in the middle of the danger outside, trying to survive long enough until someone inside notices you? This is a situation that, unfortunately, happened to the dog in this story.

The use of shock collars can be extremely controversial, so much so because there are a lot of situations that really confuse and mess up the debate – situations that make a good thing look bad, and vice-versa.

In the story we’re talking about today, there is a dog that got locked outside of his own safety, mostly because of a flawed safety system that ended up working the way it shouldn’t. This dog lived in a nice home with an electrical fence, protecting him from running away.

What ended up happening was that he couldn’t come in the house anymore as the fence shocked him whenever he tried to come in. Why was he trying to come back in, you ask?

What happened was that, while the little boy who owns the dog wasn’t noticing, a wolf got into the fence and attacked the dog, taking him to feed. The dog managed to heroically escape, but only after suffering multiple injuries.

After he escaped he managed to go back home, but he was, as said, unable to come in. Whenever he tried, the invisible fence shocked him. He really didn’t give up, and tried to come in until he lost all his strength and passed out in the middle of the yard.

He was then found by his loving family and taken to the veterinarian that started to take care of him after everything that he went through. Right now he is alive, but he went through what must have been a very traumatic experience.


If the security the dog had wasn’t an invisible fence that only shocked him, he could have probably avoided the problem, with a real fence or another type of security system. We can’t help but feel that the dog was being protected against himself and not against actual dangers lying out there.

The dog could simply be educated not to run away, and another type of protection could be used. Proper protection would have kept this dog from suffering. How many more cases like this are out there?

Hopefully, not many. Security needs to be planned properly, not just blindly used.


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