This Dog’s Afraid To Cross The Cable But Comes Up With A Genius Solution!


Like humans, animals also have phobia for virtually the same things. Naturally, there are some things we do not fear but some of our pets do. For instance, we are used to our vacuum cleaners as we use them most often, but lots of dogs have refused to associate with them because they are afraid of them.

While there are some breeds of dog that have a natural fear of one thing or the other, there are some canine friends who just have personal reservations of fear for several other things, in which case is not hereditary. As a pet owner, you may wonder why it is so; owing from the fact that you have never given him any reason to dislike, wary or be scared of anything like that.
When a dog is scared of an object that makes noise such as a vacuum cleaner, it is understandable that the noise emanating from the device may be the source of its fear but when the animal becomes afraid of objects that are silent and more or less inanimate, then this has become a matter of concern.

Here is a bulldog who is commonly referred to as Mr. Bentley. He has got two biggest fears which are hilariously a ladder and a cable. Scientifically, it is hard to determine or confirm the reason for his fears and why these less harmful objects could wary and scare a well-built dog like this.

In the video, young Bentley comes into a room where renovation work is ongoing. Just a few distance away from the entrance, he discovers two of his greatest fears standing side by side. But come to think of it, how can a cable lying on the floor and a ladder standing up against the world scare a dog in a well-lighted room?

There are so many guesses for this kind of behavior. It could be that he had once experienced a shock of his life from an exposed wiring or he must have being dragged one time or the other by a wire. As for the ladder, it is difficult to determine why he fears it – maybe he had fallen from it or it has fallen on him once.
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Well, although the dog was faced with these challenges, one major thing that strikes the heart of everyone was the way he overcame.

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