Dog Abandoned Alone in The Mountain Feels Love After Years Of Abuse


Hiking is an exhilarating experience which brings us a lot closer to nature and also provides us with the needed exercise to stay healthy. Making preparations for such a trip takes a lot of time and patience, but when you get going, you will be glad that you took the time to make preparations.

However, no one could prepare some hikers for what these hikers saw on their mountain trip. A group of hikers made all preparations and embarked on their journey on the mountain sometime around mid-September in Bhutan. One member of this group who was identified as Tim Gorski, a filmmaker and an animal rights activist, found a poor dog in a terrible state along his trek. The sight of the animal was pitiable, and the team couldn’t help but pity the poor creature. The dog was missing half of his fur from mange and was also doing all he could to take care of himself even though he was all alone.


Gorski felt terrible and didn’t want to leave the dog all by himself after seeing his condition. Tim immediately contacted The Maya Foundation, which is a local rescue group for animals and they swiftly came to retrieve the dog from the mountain. It was certainly more than an accident that Tim found the animal on this trek, as a lot of people take this mountain path when going on their pilgrimages so as to find their sense of purpose. It would seem that the dog was in search for someone who would care for him.


When the pet was taken with the rescue organization, he was named Tim by the staff who found him and was shaved and given medical treatment. Within a short period, his skin was becoming healthier and softer, and a few months later, his fur was completely grown as you can see, he is certainly a beautiful mutt. The animal rescue organization did not just give him a home and food, they gave him love and care, what he had wanted all along. This love and care made him heal much faster and become a happier dog. He would never have imagined that his life would change while he was lost in the mountains. Although no one knows how he got to the mountain or who took him there, they all believe that fate led him to a better condition, and he is in a much happier place now. A place Tim can call home.


Gorski stated that he was hurt seeing the pet in such a bad state and encouraged people to lend a hand when they see any animal suffering and offer it with a little amount of care and love so that they will never feel alone. The dog, Tim is presently living with the incredible organization who saved him, the Maya Foundation’s Barnyard Animal Rescue and Sanctuary.


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