Doctor Decides To Pray For A Man, And The Results Are Incredible


One day, Jeff Markin was driving to work be he wasn’t feeling too well, and as such he decided to call his boss and tell him all about the way he was actually feeling. Fortunately, this was an understanding boss that decided to tell Jeff to go to the hospital’s emergency room instead of going to work that day. Jeff decided to do so, but what would happen later on was just amazing.
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Jeff’s memory got a little fuzzy after this, but he did manage to get to the emergency room and almost immediately after entering it, he collapsed and lost his senses. He was then treated by Doctor Chauncey Crandall because he was the cardiologist present in the emergency room that day. When the doctor arrived to Jeff’s body, things were already looking terrible, since there was a full team of doctors fighting for Jeff’s life.

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In the fight for life, doctors shocked him 12 times and worked on Jeff for 40 minutes in order to keep him alive. But enough was enough, they knew death when they saw it and unfortunately every doctor has to know when it’s time to give up, Jeff was dead and the time of death was declared.

After that the nurse started preparing Jeff’s body for the morgue, but Doctor Crandall heard a voice in his head at around the same time. The voice told him to go back, and to pray for that man. He tried to ignore this, but he had to go back and do God’s will. As soon as he went to see Jeff’s supposed corpse, the nurse questioned him, but he prayed for that man, really and asked for God to bring him back.

Incredibly, this is exactly what God decided to do. Doctor Crandall decided to try and shock Jeff at least one more time, and after a little struggle with the other doctors, he managed to get the team to shock Jeff one more time. After that, Jeff came back to life, and his heart started beating again, and Jeff started to breathe again.

Jeff was moved to the intensive care unit and as amazing as it sounds, a mere three days later, Jeff woke up and he came back from the dead. It’s amazing, he was clinically pronounced dead and due to a voice in the doctor’s head, he managed to come back and live another day.

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