Do You Think That Dogs Understand What Hugs Are? Lets Find Out!


We do not know why dogs hug us. We just know that it feels good. It could be the absolutely unconditional love a dog shows for you that no human ever can or will.

Some genetic experts believe that dogs received a genetic transfer from humans in the 28,000 years that they have been licking and hugging people. Some of the genes that were transferred are thought to be part of the reason dogs display many human-like characteristics. Dogs hug other dogs too. Even wild dogs hug.

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This is a very touching and funny video of a man that is in the military returning home and the outlandish greeting that his dog gives him. Exuberant, delighted, and overjoyed do not even come close to describing how the dog acts when his owner comes back home. The man is just as delighted as the dog.

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The funniest part of the video is the man’s wife telling him to shut the front door while he is wallowing around loving on his dog. He shuts the door immediately. This soldier obviously knows who his commander really is and complies with orders in strict obedience.

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The video is accompanied by photos of people getting hugged by their dogs. Most of the dogs are really big dogs. There is hugging in the pool, hugging at the door, hugging on the patio, hugging in the car, and generally dog hugging all over. One of the cutest pictures is of a little girl that may be five years old being almost swallowed by a gigantic hug from her huge dog.

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Dogs hug us to say hello, to say good-bye, and to just let us know they love us. Actions are always better than words and dogs are only too ready to show their affection in action. There is definitely something special about a giant bear hug from a monstrously large dog.

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This video and the pictures will just make you feel good. You need to save this one for when you are feeling blue or lonely. The video and the photos are guaranteed to lighten your load and brighten your day. You cannot help laughing at some of the huge dog hugs that almost cover the people up.

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Keep this video around to share with friends. It will make their day. If a person is down, send them this video and make them smile. Nothing is better for you than a gigantic dog hug.


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