Do Mosquitoes Bother You? This Easy Trick Will Solve The Problem Instantly.


]There are two reasons this trap works so well to attract and capture mosquitoes. You are using sugar and yeast. Mosquitoes are attracted to sugar. The combination of water, yeast, and sugar is all you need to produce a low grade of alcohol. The alcohol is partially responsible for keeping the mosquitoes trapped but tipsy mosquitoes is not the real secret. Mosquitoes are not the world’s smartest creature and they just are not equipped to fly back out of the hole that they came into when they are lured in by the sugar and alcohol.

You need a two-liter plastic soda bottle, water, sugar, and yeast to make this mosquito trap.

Cut the top of the soda bottle off of the bottle about one-third of the way down the bottle. Anything will work to cut the bottle. You want the cut to be level. Some saws can leave a jagged edge to the cut they make so a little sanding is not a bad idea for the bottle edges especially if children will be inspecting the mosquito trap.

Keep the top of the bottle.

Add one-quarter of a cup of brown sugar, one cup of warm water, and one-quarter of a teaspoon of yeast to the bottom of the soda bottle that you cut apart. Mix the ingredients well with a spoon or by swirling them in the bottle.

Invert the top of the bottle and place it on top of the sawed off bottom of the bottle. Be sure that the cap has been removed from the bottle. Push the top of the soda bottle down into the bottom of the bottle until the two edges of the bottle parts are even with each other. This keeps the trap from flying apart and keeps you from having to clean up a sugary mess.

The mosquitoes will fly into the bottle because they are attracted to the sugar mixture. Most of the mosquitoes will eventually land in the sugary water and drown so you may have to replace the fluids every few days to prevent the potential for disease or a bad smell.

You are making a very low alcohol version of home brew. Do not worry about the ATF coming after you.

This simple mosquito trap works and costs pennies compared to the elaborate gizmos that you can buy for repelling mosquitoes that try to spoil your outdoor fun.

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