Tiny Disabled Puppy Abandoned In A Box Walks For The Very First Time!


One may not be able to say why exactly some animals are dumped by their owners, but the case of Daffodil provides us with one of such reasons. Daffodil, a little dog, is one of the unfortunate dogs that were born with deformed front legs which made her walk with an odd gait. She has brown hairs and long, hanging ears. She is a cute dog to behold.


She was left on Mission Street in San Francisco by an unknown person. Her case can be likened to that of the man who was helped by the Good Samaritan, as many residents passed Daffodil without stopping to help her. What makes this puppy’s case different is that one person picked her but subsequently abandoned her; again. Everyone moved about their businesses like Daffodil didn’t deserve to be taken care of. They turned a blind eye to her situation and acted like she wasn’t there. That continued until she found her own Good Samaritan.

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Luckily for Daffodil, a passer-by who observed all that had happened, leaned over, lifted her gently and took her away to the safety. He handed the baby dog over to the San Francisco SPCA. The agency is dedicated to saving, protecting, caring and advocating for animal rights. One is left to imagine what the condition of this poor deformed dog would have been like if she wasn’t helped by the man. Daffodil’s state would definitely have deteriorated. The SPCA personnel who posted the pictures of Daffodil and her savior expressed their profound joy over this act of kindness. They were also happy that one more rejected dog had been rescued.

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This unfair and cruel treatment meted out to poor Daffodil is part of the reason why some animals attack people. He was first abandoned, exposed to harsh weather conditions, forced to hunt for food to survive while limping. In addition, he was abandoned again for the second time; Daffodil had witnessed it all. What else can humans do that would be any different from what she had already experienced?

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There are a lot of dumped and unwanted dogs out there in the street. All it will take to better their condition is to fend for them or take them to animal care agencies. These agencies will adequately take care of them or put them up for adoption. Truly, animal lives matter.

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