Diesel Was Frozen Stiff, Until This Amazing Rescue!


This is the story of a dog named Diesel, who was the #1 passenger on the Animal Advocates Society Freezing Dog Freedom Train. Diesel has had a life that was immensely difficult and your heart just might break as you hear the rest of his harrowing tale.


Diesel was never given a proper home to call his own. He was chained up outdoors, during all seasons of the year, and a result he was forced to suffer through some of the coldest temperatures known to man. This dog managed to live through -40 degree cold, which will certainly make you stop to think the next time you’re complaining about the walk to your car before work.

To top it all off, Diesel also suffered a kick to the head from a horse, which left him with a mouthful of broken teeth and a split tongue. He spent four years out in the cold and when he was found, he was holding one of his paws off the ground, in an effort to keep himself safe from the chill. No dog should have to live this way and a dog like Diesel is a prime example of extreme neglect.

The dog also had a blood caked shoulder when he was located, which was the result of a vicious fight with another local dog. Diesel has certainly been through some things in his short life, things that no animal needs to have experienced. But what doesn’t kill you is definitely bound to make you stronger and Diesel is the living embodiment of this axiom.

His owner did not care about him in the slightest and when he grew tired of Diesel’s presence, he threatened to shoot him. Just when it looked like his days were numbered, the people at Animal Advocates were enlisted to save him. They removed him from this terrible living situation and provided him with the love that he so desperately needed in his life. As it turns out, he is a big teddy bear. Now that he is treated right, he is very loving and reciprocates the affection he receives.

To find out more about the story of Diesel, be sure to watch this amazing video in its full entirety. His rehabilitation process is inspiring and it is great to see someone taking an interest in animals like him. Be sure to spread the love and pass this clip along to your friends and loved ones.

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