Did You Miss the BIG Game? Here are the Highlights From Puppy Bowl XII!!


While the Broncos took the winner’s circle, those Bronx’s don’t hold a candle to the mighty feats of puppies in a one of a kind historic event. This is the twelfth year, of this extraordinary game it lived up to every minute of a thrilling and fun time.

It was a grudge match to the end Team Ruff and Team Fluff each brought their best game face and high energy ready to square off. This was a rewind of last year’s match up and they ended up back again looking to see who will end up on top with the biggest win of the season. The field was primed and the fans locked and loaded waiting for the teams to start the kickoff.
In this match up the MVP pup will shine, each one hoping it will be them and who will be just plain adorable and still get the job done. Let’s start by saying last year’s game was grueling for Team FLUFF and it is predicted that it will be just as tough. This year’s star players for FLUFF are ready able and will not back down from this fight for the championship. Watch them strut out onto the field and get ready to rumble.

RUFFS are looking to continue their reign of dominance and have that Puppy Bowl title. Looking forward to seeing what their star player Terrifying Terrier is going to do, could he possibly score more than 1 touchdown? He did not one but two way to go fella. We will be anxious to see how the refs call this game; will they be inclined to call a lot of unnecessary roughness or just playful puppy gusto? Well they went pretty easy overall, a few misunderstandings but all in all a fair call. It looks like Timber and Ranger may have a few double team plays lined up. Scrappy is how the game played. Well there was one huge surprise a first in Puppy Bowl history a team touchdown…causing the MVP puppy to be…nope got to watch the recap for that announcement.

Well, these were just some of the predictions and outcomes that created this Puppy Bowl to be the many first of so many interesting plays. There are just one you got to watch a very sneaky little end zone play. Have a look below.

So many questions at hand, and if you missed any of the game especially to see who wins then just have a peek below to revisit the big game day.

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