Did You Know Today Is National Puppy Day? Well, Take A Look At This!


Cold nose, squirmy legs, squeaky barks, and lots of wet kisses, it must be National Puppy Day! National Puppy Day falls on March 23rd and is a momentous day to celebrate the adorable and loving nature of all types of puppies!

Puppies have done amazing things over the years and they grow into wonderful companions for their owners. From therapy puppies, to police puppies in training, to companions for children, puppies do good all around the world. Let’s celebrate them!

Watch this absolutely adorable video of all different types of puppies coming together to play together on their special day. Big puppies, small puppies, scruffy puppies, and wrinkly puppies all give lots of kisses to their friends and to their handlers at this joyous celebration. This cute video will make you want to jump up, head to your nearest shelter, and adopt an adorable puppy for yourself!

And what an amazing way to celebrate National Puppy Day! If you adopt a puppy and commit to caring for it and raising it well, your puppy will become an undying lifelong companion. Puppies are the most loyal creatures and there are several in shelters all over the country who are in need of a loving home. Puppies just waiting to pour out love and kisses to their new family.

If you already have a puppy, make today a day of celebration for them! Spend some time outside with your puppy, enjoying the sunshine and their company. They will absolutely love you for it. Get your puppy a healthy treat that will nourish them or even clean their teeth. No matter what type of treat it is, your playful pooch will be all about it! Find a recipe online and cook dog-appropriate food for your puppy. It will be a gourmet meal they will never forget. Or even spoil your puppy with a new toy. Show them all the love they show you daily.

You can even advocate for puppy rights on this special day. You can protest dangerous puppy mills that are bad for dogs and puppies alike. You can donate to, volunteer at, or even promote your local shelter for people in your community who love dogs and want to do some good for them. Find a friend or neighbor who has trouble caring for their dog, and offer to attend obedience classes with the dog, or even just take it out for a walk. Give love to all puppies on this day.
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Puppies are a gift to humans, and we owe it to them to celebrate on this day. Find a unique way to celebrate puppies, even if you don’t own one yourself. Don’t forget to check out this adorable video to inspire some puppy love!

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