The Deer Lies Lifeless After Being Rescued From The Pool. Then His Wife Gets An Idea…


Those of us who own swimming pools know full well just how many uninvited guests they attract. Once someone gets a swimming pool at their home, they never seem to have had so many friends. People love to drop by and take a swim, but did you know that our pools can serve as a hazard to unsuspecting animals who are just looking for a decent place to cool off?

The deer that you are about to meet in this amazing video learned this lesson the hard way. When one of the residents of the home, a woman named Alicia, went to bring her dogs outside for some fresh air, she could not believe her eyes. Catching a deer outside of its natural habitat is a very rare occurrence, especially when that deer has managed to make its way into your swimming pool.

However, this deer’s appearance was not all fun and games. The deer had decided to go for a swim, but the animal was unable to get back out once the aquatic exercise was over with. Alicia found the deer in the water and the animal’s prognosis seemed quite grim. The idea of trying to help a skittish animal of that size as they cling to life seems like an insurmountable challenge.

When Alicia first arrived on the scene, she says that the deer’s head was the only part of the animal that was visible. She went back inside to let her husband know that a deer was trapped in the pool and James immediately sprung into action, selflessly lifting the animal from the water and saving its life.

The ease with which James ripped the animal from the pool is commendable and the animal owes its continued existence to the actions of this helpful couple. The deer knew that James was there to provide a rescue and came to him as soon as he started tapping on the side of the pool. If you’d like to know more about this incredible rescue, then take a moment to watch this clip in its full entirety.
This deer definitely chose the right yard to take an unannounced dip. Alicia and James were able to save the animal’s life and prevent this from being another sad story about a wayward animal’s untimely demise. Did you appreciate this video as much as we did? Don’t be shy, spread the love and pass it along to your friends and loved ones.

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