A Deer Came To This Family To Visit, But What Happened Next Will Leave You Speechless.


Animals are much more loving than most people think and in many cases, they are actually more loving than their human counterparts. Unlike humans, who tend to be a much more superficial sort who struggles to look beyond personal appearance, animals are able to love each other regardless of external factors.

This is especially true of the odd couple that you are about to meet in this video. They are both capable of offering love, no matter what species should so happen to be on the receiving end. The deer in this clip has become friends with a local family and while most deer are quite skittish, this one’s name is Hoppy and Hoppy seems to enjoy the company of others.
Hoppy was coming over so often, the family decided to give him the nickname as a sign of affection. But Hoppy was not content to simply spend time in the front yard or out in the woods. He grew so comfortable with the family in this video, they even began to let him spend time hanging out in their house. The idea of a deer spending time indoors involuntarily is pretty funny and this clip is one of the most humorous that we have seen in some time.

After a few visits to the home, Hoppy struck up an unlikely friendship with the family’s cat. Deer are usually easy to scare and cats don’t tend to like anyone, but these two have been able to see past their differences and develop one of the most unique bonds of all time. Their bond seems to be unbreakable and they have been together since their initial meeting.

Seeing them nuzzle up with each other to catch some Z’s is heartwarming, to say the least. Hoppy is not content just to sleep alongside his new pal, he even provides the feline with a taste of its own medicine, offering her a tongue bath. Surprisingly enough, this cat does not mind being groomed by its new deer buddy.

Just take a look at this astonishing video for proof!
[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=GcI6Vz4f20w”]
While the cat can’t return the favor (for a multitude of reasons), Hoppy is perfectly fine with this. This strange friendship has to be seen to be believed and viewers should take a moment to share the clip with friends and family. Spread the love far and wide, by passing it along on social media, as well.

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