Deathly Sick Cat Completely Healed By Foster Mom’s Love


Pam Martin has spent six years of her life caring for cats who are in need of a permanent home. When she heard the sad story of Claus, a sickly cat who was longer eating or drinking, she had no idea how far his sickness would progress.

The cat had been surrendered by his owners, who decided to move away and leave Claus behind. While he was living in a shelter, he developed a severe respiratory infection, as well as painful ulcers inside of his mouth.


When Pam finally took him in, the cat was extremely sick. The pain he was experiencing was keeping him from eating and drinking and Martin knew that if she did not get him the help he needed, Claus had zero chance of survival.


The cat was taken to the Quakertown Veterinary Clinic for immediate hospitalization. They gave him 24 hour care and provided him with the IV fluids he so desperately needed. Pam rallied the community together and over $2,000 was raised for Claus’ medical expenses. But Claus was still helpless and his condition made Pam feel helpless, as well.


Her heart was slowly breaking, as she watched him struggle day in and day out. Claus was able to maintain his sweet and gentle demeanor, even in the face of excruciating pain, which only served to magnify the sadness of the situation.


But he miraculously began to heal. However, he still did not want to eat, even as his illness started to recede. Martin fed him with a syringe for three months straight and she was beginning to wonder just how long she would be able to keep up with this regimen.


After taking him to a variety of vets and receiving little to no help, Pam was at her wit’s end. Finally, Claus decided to start eating again one day, with no warning. Perhaps his pain had made him scared to eat?


Now, he is putting weight back on and starting to resemble a normal, healthy cat again. He’s known as a professional cuddle bug, according to Pam and Claus runs and plays as much as possible. Martin spent four months fostering him and she believes he is now ready to find a forever home.


If you would like to open your home to Claus, you can send an e-mail to the good people at as soon as possible. In the meantime, check out this video of Claus’ incredible journey below.



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