Deaf Shelter Dog Cries Alone After Her Best Friend Is Adopted


Onde would think that whenever a pet gets adopted and finds a loving family to take care of him, things would be great and that the whole thing would be as great motive to celebrate. As a matter of fact it is a great motive to celebrate, but not for everyone involved.

Those that got left behind at the shelter surely can’t be happy while looking at one of their now old friends starting a new life with a new family, that they are not a part of. Every time the ones that got left behind see one of their friends leave forever, they must feel horrible.

The video we have today is about one of those situations in which a dog, Snoopy, was lucky enough to find a forever home. Unfortunately for his friends, they were all left behind at the shelter, waiting for someone to love them like someone now loves Snoopy

One of Snoopy’s friends is Marshmallow, the dog that you see crying in the video. She is a deaf pit bull that just lost her best friend. Think about it, if you were in her situation you would be as devastated as she is. After all, it is a pretty terrible situation.


We do need to take into account that her friend is now in a place with people that love him and that will take good care of him. Maybe, just maybe, the same thing might be about to happen to Marshmallow herself – who knows! If we believe good things are about to happen, they will actually happen right?

Marshmallow might be a deaf pit bull that has been through a lot of tough times, but she has managed to push through every single one of those times and, even though she has suffered a lot she is clearly full of love to give to the world and to the lucky family that will one day give her s forever home.

How do we know this? Just take a look at the way she cries over her friend leaving. Sure, she doesn’t know that her friend is now with loving and caring people, but she would still crying she knew. She is crying because she lost him, not because he left.

Soon enough, Marshmallow’s tears are going to stop and she’ll be able to smile and enjoy life right next to her family in her new forever home. It’ll happen – trust us.

“Marshy is a special girl with a special story, she is deaf. When we rescued her, she was very sick with parvo and left on a chain abandoned by her owners,” the group wrote. “She is truly a survivor but as you can see she is really needing love. Together we can find Marshmallow the perfect home, she is such a sweetheart.”

To learn how you can help, visit Unleashed Pet Rescue’s Facebook page here.

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