Dad’s Stunning Response to Letter From School that Tries to Paint Him as an ‘Irresponsible’ Parent


There are schools out there trying to tell parents what their kids are and are not allowed to carry in their lunch boxes. Now, in Pennsylvania, there is a school questioning whether or not parents have a valid reason to take their kids out of school. So, if you were thinking about taking your kids on a tour of a museum exhibit in another city, or on a once in a lifetime vacation, maybe you should think again. Or, you can take a stand against the encroaching school rules like Mike and Cindy Rossi did and make sure that your children will get all the opportunities to travel and experience the world that they possibly can.

Mike and Cindy Rossi received the below letter from Abington School Distract in Rydal in regards to the recent absences of their children, Victoria and Jack:

The letter reads as follows:


But why exactly did the Rossi children miss three whole days of classes in the month of April? The answer is a simple one. They went to Boston to watch their Dad run in the historic Boston Marathon, and learn about the history of their nation, that’s why! On their trip they not only watched their father run in the Boston Marathon, a historical event unto itself, but they also visited museums and aquariums, and got to walk in the footsteps of the founding fathers of our fine nation.

The Rossis were, unsurprisingly, unhappy with the school’s reaction to their family vacation. A report from Opposing Views states: “Insert Quote”

So, he did what any right minded person would do, and gave the school a piece of his mind in a well-written and tacitly polite response. See the letter below.

And just in case it’s hard to read, I have transcribed it here as well:


Now, state law in Pennsylvania gives family the right to take their children on educational trips, and also permits excused absences to be issued in the case of such an event. The Abington School District has taken it upon themselves not to differentiate between a vacation and an educational trip. Abington School District believes that as an educational body they have no way to verify whether or not a family’s vacation would meet the standard of an educational trip. Odd, seeing as how education seems to be the point of their work. But, I digress.

Although, as the Rossis now know, they violated one of the school’s self-imposed policies, Mr. Rossie is irritated by the very nature of the message that he received, and made a statement to Philadelphia Magazine to that effect: “Insert Quote”

The principal is scheduled to meet with the Rossis to discuss the matter further.


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