He Takes A Road Trip With His Teenage Daughter. What He Does To Entertain Her? HILARIOUS!


The girl in this video is luckier than most, because she has a father who knows how to have a good time. Most of us can only wish that we had a dad who was as fun as the dad in this video. As the video opens, we see a teenage daughter riding shotgun with her father and many of us can read the telltale expression on her face.
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One of her favorite songs has come on the radio and she begins to grin from ear to ear. Much to her surprise, her father seems to actually reach towards the radio, with the objective of turning the music up, not down. We begin to hear the familiar beat from Ke$ha’s smash hit “Timber”, a collaboration with Pitbull.

Most fathers would cringe at the sound of trendy pop music and begin decrying “kids these days”. Some may even change the song or start to talk about the superior music of their youth. After all, he is wearing a Guns N Roses T-shirt and the facial expression he makes as his daughter begins to sing do not seem to bode well.

As the song continues to play, we start to notice that the dad is subtly nodding his head. Maybe he doesn’t mind Ke$ha’s music as much as we may think he does? He maintains a stern facial expression and his daughter seems to be none the wiser.

Once Pitbull shows up and launches into his rapid fire rhyming patterns, Dad springs into action, rapping along with Pitbull as best he can. While it is unclear how much of the verse he’s actually committed to memory, there is no way to watch Dad rap without laughing.

This impromptu daddy/daughter duet is proof that you do not have to judge every book by its cover. It’s not every day that you see a father with such an easygoing spirit. He enjoys spending time with his daughter and it shows.

While Dad is lip syncing for the most part, this is not a reason to deduct points or give him a lower grade. The shock that the majority of viewers will experience when they realize that Dad is about to rap is reason enough to give him an A plus. Instead of being an old fuddy duddy, Dad is getting with the times, which is cause for celebration.

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