Dad Pours Some Food For The Puppy. What The Pup Does Next Is Too Precious For Words…


Taking the time to say grace and to thank God for blessing us with yet another meal is a common routine before we sit down to eat our supper each night. While there’s nothing strange about seeing humans bow their head in prayer, the concept of seeing a dog do it might strike some as being funny.

Others may find it utterly adorable. No matter which side of the spectrum you fall on, you are bound to find a great deal of enjoyment from this clip. As we can see, the dog’s father has established a daily routine, one in which he and the dog bow their heads together as he recites a prayer before the meal commences.
We can only imagine just how much training this probably took, before the dog was finally ready to participate. If you have ever set down a dish of food in front of a hungry pup, then you are already well aware of just how impatient they can be.

But this dog knows all about the importance of giving thanks for another day above ground and the ability to enjoy a wonderful meal. Some of us could certainly stand to learn a thing or two from this adorable puppy. Kahlua might be very hungry, but he knows better than to disobey his father and is well aware of the power that a simple prayer can bring.

A video like this might even make some people feel ashamed, as even a dog can make time to pray before eating, yet they cannot. If you happen to fall into this category, then be sure to follow the example that little Kahlua has set. He’s more than happy to pray before dinner and the way that he waits a beat before starting in on his meal is priceless.

To fully enjoy the adventures of this praying papa and his little disciple, you’ll need to watch this clip in its full entirety. Just try your best not to giggle in the middle of this prayer session, even though it is hard not to. Seeing that little furry head bowed so intently is almost too much to handle.

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