Dad Finally Seals Off The Door, But Keep Your Eyes On The Gap… LOL!


Parents everywhere, whether their children are furry or human, can relate to the concept of never getting a moment’s peace. It often seems like they are completely unable to have a moment to themselves and this can be incredibly frustrating. But children do not understand this concept at all, they simply want to absorb as much of their parents’ time as possible.

The puppy in this video cares not one iota about Dad’s need for personal space or private time. He is determined to spend time with his father, no matter what protocol needs to be breached. Dad thinks that he’s found a clever solution to this issue, by plugging the hole beneath the door with a bath towel.
But as it turns out, the puppy just might be a little bit smarter than his dad is willing to give him credit for. He does not allow this barrier to deter him and he does not seem to care about what his father wants. He is going to wedge his way into that bathroom and this brazen behavior does not seem to be winning him any new friends, as Dad does not sound all that pleased.

It might be hard for him to stay mad at the little puppy, though. How can you remain angry with a tiny, adorable creature that wants nothing more than to spend time with you? We are willing to bet that Dad’s demeanor softened quite a bit once the cameras were off, although his aggrieved cries of “Again?!” seem to suggest that this is becoming an everyday occurrence.

Parents of fur babies may become frustrated with their animal’s inability to recognize their need for me time, but it definitely beats the alternative of having an animal that refuses to be affectionate at all. While our pets can work our nerves from time to time, it is important to remember that they mean well. Maybe Dad should have picked something else to block the door with? Next time, he’ll probably use two towels.

Tiny Puppy Fits Under The Door | Tuesday Tail Wags by lannakeeley
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