Dad Blows Air Against Mom’s Pregnant Belly. What The Baby Does Next Is UNREAL!


This is really an amazing video of how an unborn baby reacts to the unknown and learns to control fear. All mothers say they know what their unborn child is thinking and feeling. Nobody ever doubts this. The understanding between two people that share the same body for nine months is phenomenal and probably will never be completely understood by science but mothers know.
A lady that is eight months pregnant is sitting on a couch. Her husband thinks that he will have a little fun with the mother and his unborn daughter by blowing on his wife’s stomach and making loud lips against the belly noises on his wife’s very pregnant stomach.

The baby’s reaction is startling to the parents to say the least. The baby moves away from the noisy father’s disturbance. You can see the child physically move in her mother’s stomach.

The father tries again and the same thing happens. The baby moves away from the disturbance four times. The mother rubs her stomach to comfort the baby and the fifth time the father does his noisy little joke the baby does not react at all.

In a matter of less than 30 seconds an unborn child has learned that an intrusive and never before heard noise is harmless. The baby gets some help from the mother’s touch.

The video is an astonishing display of just how aware an unborn baby is of sounds, movement, and joking fathers. Certainly, the father has no intention of harming the child. Both the father and the mother are stunned by the intensity of the baby’s reaction to a never before heard sound that is obviously disturbing.

The kid really jumps away from the noise. You have to see it to believe how much the unborn child moves in response to the father’s blowing on the belly noise.

The short video also shows just how complex and intimate the level of communication between a pregnant woman and her unborn child is. The woman does not say a word as far as we can tell. She simply rubs her stomach where the child is and that is all it takes to tell the baby that everything is all right and there is no real danger.

Most pediatricians and scientists that study children before birth would agree that children are born as learning machines. Before a child can talk or walk they have absorbed the huge amount of data that is necessary to deal with the complexity of the world outside the womb.

This little video shows just how aware an unborn child is of the outside world that they cannot see, feel, or smell. There is a level of mental, emotional, and chemical association and communication between women and their unborn children that is absolutely phenomenal.

The next time you hear a pregnant woman tell you what their child is doing or thinking you had better believe it. This video is startling proof that women know what their unborn children feel and think.

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