Cutest Argument Ever Recorded


There are a great deal of funny videos on the internet. Many of the most popular videos include babies and animals. People are enamored with these two topics and love seeing the cute things that they do. Many videos have even combined animals and babies into one amazing video. This video does just that.
One of the main stars of this video is a beautiful baby. This girl appears to be very independent and is walking around in a white outfit. This young child is filled with excitement and wonder.

The other star of this video is a bulldog. The bulldog appears to be a little grumpy, but is probably rather fun dog to be around. He maintains an extremely serious look throughout the video.

At the beginning of the video the bulldog is sitting on the couch. The dog is extremely tired and is enjoying his time on the couch. The baby then proceeds to walk up to the dog and apparently has a disagreement with the dog.

The baby begins telling the bulldog something in an extremely frustrated tone. The dog does not seem to be getting the message. The dog keeps his serious face throughout the babies rant. The two characters in this video make the video extremely interesting.

As the baby continues her rant she incorporates her hands into the argument. She uses various hand motions to make her point more clear to the dog. These hand gestures make the argument that is taking place extremely interesting and exciting. The hand gestures intensify throughout the video as the baby begins to realize that the dog is not listening. While these gestures did not convince the bulldog, they added a level of excitement to the wonderful video. If you have never seen a baby argue passionately, then you have to check this out.

Throughout the discussion the dog is trying to find a way to avoid the baby’s arguments. The dog repeatedly turns away and appears to be very uninterested in the child’s argument. This causes the argument to intensify because the baby has to increase the passion in its arguments. You are sure to love this wonderful video.

While it is extremely hard to tell what the dog and the baby are arguing about, but this is an extremely intense discussion. You are sure to love taking in this extremely interesting and exciting argument.

This video is an excellent example of one of the many cute and exciting videos on the internet. You are sure to find this video to be extremely cute and you will probably want to watch it over and over. Dogs and babies make for wonderful videos and you are sure to enjoy this video.

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