Curious Cats Get Caught Red Handed Pretending To Be Humans!


Domestic cats are thought to have evolved from wild cats like Tigers, Lions and Leopards.  The differences observed among these cat species today can be linked to the habits and traits they have learned from humans; domestic cats have internalized these features over time as they are believed to have lived with humans for hundreds of years.

They have served man for several years, especially in hunting and running errands. Perhaps, the fact that they have lived and served humans for years will account for the staggering congruence between some of the traits exhibited by the domestic cats and humans.

It is no news for example that domestic cats, like humans: enjoy being cuddled; noticeable in their passionate calm when they are embraced and cared for affectionately; dig holes where they defecate and cover their excrements. Take a look at these three wonder cats.

However, the purpose of this article is to reveal some unique similarities between three cats which were observed to exhibit certain traits by collectively viewing a scene. Normally, three people view a scene collectively with common interest either accidentally or when the view is necessary to follow up an ongoing conversation, usually a gossip.


Observe these three cats doing exactly what people do as they stare at an object at a distance. Could they have been discussing? Have these cats now evolved so as to begin to have a common interest like the humans? These were some questions that arose within me while I stared at this rather uncommon scene.


Even more unnerving was the way the cats turned to stare at a photographer who tried to take their attention away from the view. This is not different from the way a three gossip would respond if they are suddenly distracted. A usual pretence to feign normalcy would follow in humans to assure distracter that no gossip was ongoing or to prevent the distracter from asking about their conversation. To make this scene more bewildering, like gossips that are caught in the act, these three cats began to act naughty. Take a look at this picture: the three cats were posing as humans; notice their naughty display and their amusing short limbs.

Wow, just when I thought I had seen it all, then this amusing scene. Like humans, like cats. Share with your friends too!

Cats are simple amazing animals.

Watch how the relate and play with each other.

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