Crying Raccoon Doesn’t Understand Why His Friend Won’t Wake Up


Animals getting hit by cars is such an ingrained aspect of our lives, no one ever even bats an eye at it anymore. We’re so used to seeing events like these, we typically blame the animal and carry on with our lives as if nothing happened. But in many instances, the onus was not on the animal who was struck, it was on the driver who decided to be careless and not pay attention to the road.


News flash, people: animals do not possess our awareness of traffic laws and do not know how the streets work. When they attempt to cross the road, they do so with the knowledge that they are taking their lives into their hands and that anything could happen at any moment.

Roads are regularly placed in their territories, forcing them to readjust to the world around them. But no matter what happens out there on the open road, there are always going to be people who care about the welfare of these innocent creatures whose lives are tragically cut short.

This video gives us a chance to get to know one very special raccoon. While a raccoon is not always going to be known for its kindness, the animal in this video is not like all of the others you’ve met. His friend was struck by a car and left to die in the street. Does he leave him behind and keep going like most humans would have in the same situation?

The oncoming traffic does little to faze him, as he wants to know what has happened to his buddy and does not understand why they are no longer moving. This touching video shows us that animals are capable of far more compassion than we could have ever realized, even those that are considered to be more savage in nature.

Take a look at this video and watch as the raccoon does everything in his power to comfort his fallen friend and make sense of a tragic situation. Our hearts break for this poor little fellow.
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The raccoon gives his fallen comrade one final embrace and while the traffic does not stop to acknowledge what has happened, we are able to share this amazing video and spread the word about this noble, big hearted raccoon. We wonder if he’ll be okay without his friend and hope that his heart is able to heal soon. Happy trails, old friend.


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