Cruel Owner Walks In A High Kill Shelter With This Dog And Says The Most Depressing Thing EVER.


Animal shelters all across the world are spilling over with dogs that should have made a great home if they had had the opportunity to find any good home. Statistical reports have shown that about 1 million pets are given up every year from various households. No doubt, these animals are not loved and so, they are no longer needed or wanted around the home.

The question here is; how did these dogs find their way to these shelters that have become so overpopulated today? As a dedicated pet lover, it is hard to understand how a person could just decide one day to give up his or her faithful companion for free without an iota of remorse. Well, they believe it is not their fault when a dog ends up in a shelter.

For instance, most behavioral issues can be easily traced back to the way in which these lovely pets were handled by their previous caretakers. Some studies have revealed that folks relinquish animals, especially dogs because they can no longer cater for their basic needs such as veterinary care, or because of the scarcity of affordable, pet-friendly rentals. This is a common feature for a family living on an annual household income that is less than $50,000.

Another common factor that makes people surrender their dogs to shelter units is lifestyle changes. This is a very common situation that can occur in any home especially when people lose their job, get a divorce, expect or have a new baby or experience some kind of health challenges.

When a family has a new baby, they could become overwhelmed by a dog and as a result, they may be unable to provide him (the dog) with the necessary support he needs because they are now too stressed up to pay attention to him because of the new demanding job.

This is the case of Bear. He is a poor German shepherd / Rottweiler mix dog who was recently given up by his human daddy to a shelter. Initially, the poor pup was excited to go on a walk with his daddy until he discovered that he was brought to be surrendered at a shelter in Van Nuys, California.

According to the owner, he had brought Bear for donation at East Valley Animal Shelter because they had just had a baby and Bear had taken up quite some space. Bear is now looking for his forever loving home, he is four years old weighing approximately 84 pounds. His reference number is #A1159952. He is available for adoption immediately. Bear is also available on Facebook. Please share this post with everyone you know, Bear’s life depends on it. The East Valley Animal Shelter is located at 14409 Vanowen, Van Nuys, California. Phone: (818) 756-9323/4.

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