Cruel Owner Stitches Puppy’s Mouth with A Rope And Posts Pictures On Social Media


Some humans should never be allowed to own animals under any circumstances. The man in this story is one of these people and the insane level of cruelty that he has displayed towards his dog is hard to believe. We all know that animals are unable to speak, so they must rely on a different system to communicate.


Dogs cannot talk and tell us what they want, so they are forced to bark instead. But some humans cannot handle the barking and they end up losing their cool. Those who do not care for dogs and do not enjoy hearing their barks simply shouldn’t own them, but this simple fact does not deter this prospective pet owner.

If you are someone who is easily irked by the sound of a barking dog, perhaps you should not own one. Too bad no one ever taught this sadistic owner that sort of lesson before it was too late. While this idea would make sense to the average person, some people cannot grasp ideas that would seem to be simple common sense.

Would you believe that this man’s puppy was barking and that the best solution he could come up with was to tie a rope, with the objective of holding the animal’s muzzle shut? Instead of taking the time to train the animal and learn more about its wants and needs, he resorted to one of the meanest methods for silencing an animal possible.

To make matters worse, he was so satisfied with the results of his violent handiwork, he shared them with social media. Instead of being completely ashamed of himself, this man is prideful. Someone needed to teach him how to love and care for his pets, but now all that’s left to do is call the authorities.

He is grinning like the idiot that he is in these photos and the man’s name is Jake Kisling. Jake resides in Arkansas and has perpetrated this unfathomably cruel act towards innocent puppies who did nothing to deserve it. Just take a closer look at the picture.


We are currently unsure if Jake was arrested for his ridiculous behavior, but we can only hope that he was held fully accountable for what he has done. Animals should never, ever experience this type of abuse, no matter what they have done wrong. Please share this story, so that awareness about these matters can be spread. SIGN THE PETITION HERE

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