Cruel Man Chains Dog To A Car And Drags Him By The Neck


On a daily basis, we hear stories about humans treating another with unspeakable cruelty. While these stories are already difficult to stomach, there are also numerous incidences of humans treating animals poorly and our heart goes out to these innocent creatures.

In China, several city dwellers were forced to watch a horrific event take place. A truck was seen speeding down the road, with a dog tied to the back of it. The animal had been chained to the back and was being dragged by the driver.

The dog was initially able to keep up with the speed of the vehicle, but exhaustion would eventually take its toll. The truck continued to drive faster and faster, until the dog’s legs finally began to give out and he could not keep up anymore.


Once his legs gave out, he was dragged behind the truck for an indeterminable length of time. Eventually, some onlookers decided to intervene and they convinced the man to stop his vehicle. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done to the poor pup and there was no way for the animal to be successfully resuscitated.

None of the people who were involved in this awful incident seemed to know whether the dog was a stray or if he belonged to the owner of the truck. Even if the animal actually did belong to the man, the behavior is utterly despicable and it is difficult to imagine what would possess a person to do something this unbelievably cruel, especially to an animal who hadn’t hurt anyone.


China is a country that has been known to slaughter dogs in the street, for a variety of reasons. Street dogs are often killed as a means of controlling their population and preventing the spread of rabies. Dog fighting is also a popular Chinese pastime. Chinese residents are warned about the necessity of finding homes for their pets, since they will be put down if they are found wandering the streets.


Clearly, China is not the most dog friendly country in the world. Unfathomable tragedies like these take place far too often. Animal abuse is certainly not a laughing matter and this story needs to be shared, so that those who participate in the senseless, violent slaughter of innocent animals can finally be brought to justice. Otherwise, stories like these will unfortunately continue to be commonplace and more Chinese dogs will be made to suffer. Please SHARE this post so that poor dog gets justice.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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