A Cow Hid Her Calf Away From The Farmer, The Reason Is Heartbreaking…


This story will definitely inspire strong emotions, since the question that it asks is so easy to relate to, no matter who you are or where you are from. What would you to ensure your child’s continued safety and protection?

A mother’s instinct to protect her young is one of the most powerful instincts known to man. While this is a driving force in the life of any mother, this particular cow has it much rougher than most.


Cows that reside on dairy farms are usually not able to keep their families together. Babies are separated from their mothers at a very young age, as a means of ensuring a high level of milk production. From there, the baby cows are given plenty of formula and made to spend times with the calves of their own age group.


As you might imagine, the mother cows do not enjoy this practice and when their babies are cruelly taken away from them without a second thought, they become very depressed and despondent.


There are certain mother cows who decide to take action against the farmers, by going above and beyond to keep their babies out of the hands of the pesky farmers that are tasked with their care.


The cow in this story is named Clarabelle and she was brought to a sanctuary known as Edgar’s Mission after being rescued from a dairy farm.


After she arrived, it was soon discovered that Clarabelle was pregnant. The staff that was responsible for her care was overcome with joy and they did everything in their power to increase her comfort level as she brought the babies to term.


But they noticed a major shift in her demeanor as the birth date drew near. She began to withdraw from the staff and they had a very difficult time finding her. She gave birth to her calf and did not want to risk losing him, so she hid him away from the staff, so that they would not be separated.


Clarabelle’s story is far from unusual, as farmers all over the country have reported stories just like these in the past.

The life of a mother cow may seem simple, but in reality, it is fraught with danger. This story needs to be shared, so that awareness is raised about the plights of moms like Clarabelle. Farmers do not need to seperate mothers from their precious babies and let’s hope that this cruel practice is discontinued immediately.

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