Couple Lets Their Dog Film Their Wedding And The Result Is Better Than Most Wedding Videos


Have you ever thought of how useful your dog could be? To the extent of helping you out at your wedding with the filming aspect, as a camera dog. For the first time in history, a wedding is watched from a canine point of view.

With this new discovery, there is no need to search for professionals any longer to come and make recordings of our wedding event since dogs can now do it in a more polished and interesting way. When Addie and Marshall were planning to get married on a Roan Mountain in Tennessee, they decided to employ the services of their faithful companion to help them out with the filming aspect of the whole event.

In recent times, there have been significant changes in the world of photography. When Nixon came up with a new kind of camera that can be handled by dogs to take pictures of spectacular events around them, we thought they were just having fun. But today, the revolution is showing a clearer picture as we are beginning to see new things happening that we never thought dogs can ever dog.
On this fateful morning of the wedding day, husk was rightly prepared at home for his duties at the event. A GoPro camera was strapped around his belly with a dog harness. Upon installation, the back of the dogs head including his ears could be seen as well as everything in front of it.
It is quite surprising to see how this dog was able to handle the tasks so dedicatedly with deep commitments. On getting to the mountain we had no choice but to bear with the canine professional whenever it shook off snow or dirt from off its fur. This made the video unstable like a glass of water on a swing.

Addie and Marshall Burnette decided to have their wedding on the mountain because it was the location of their first date 10 years ago. On arriving at the venue, they allowed their dog to run around freely so he can capture all the happenings within and around the event ground.

From the output of the obtained video, it is easy to ascertain how professional this dog could be. He was able to position himself in the right direction and capture every crucial moment of the event.  please Share it!

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